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Callum Strachan is a graphic designer & developer based in Essex & London. A recent graduate from Winchester School of Art and one fourth of design collective, Fourm Creative. He has also worked with studios such as Accept & Proceed, Kin & Applied Works

Specialising in (but not limited to) typography, printed matter and creative development; with an interest in creating functional products that have an existence in both a physical and digital context.

This site is intended to be navigated or browsed to view recent works, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything then please
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Crossing Borders was a two day workshop that involved students and staff from Graphic Arts, Winchester School of Art, England and Industrial Design, Bilgi Üniversitesi, Turkey to participate in the wider questioning of the contexts of immigration in and outside the EU. The project used technologies to live stream simultaneously across two institutes. The aim was to eradicate educational learning from its native geo-political location through the use of collaborative teaching and learning that extends beyond the traditional confines of institutional teaching space, place and conventions.

The students worked in pairs to form ideas that tackled issues around immigration from a UK and Turkish perspective. The output of these workshops will be collated and formed into a publication and exhibition, which will be designed by the students involved.

Transpose is a modular furniture system to repurpose waste wood materials from industry and construction, based on the use of scrap pallets as a raw material.

By using whole sections of the pallets for structural strength and also breaking them down to make a base unit plank, transpose is a system that allows the creation of furniture that can grow in modules.

It sets a precedent by introducing consumers to the base pieces that can be created from pallets, as well as showing an example range of products. With the intentions that users can then create their own interpretations based on the amount of scrap they have and what they require.

A record, documentation and reappraisal of a thirty year history of footballer Paul Gascoigne as a series of highs & lows that are indicative of the world of football. Adding context to the most iconic events of his legacy within this period, celebrating the moments of genius as well as points of desperation that eventually saw Gascoigne’s dramatic fall from grace.

Split into two halves the book explores 8 iconic high points in Gascoigne’s footballing career as well as 8 of the lowest points he’s faced in his life, during and after football.

The book is accompanied by a small zine (10) sharing 10 funny stories that act as a summary of Gazza’s personality a short film (19 – in production) displaying 19 curated archive clips of stories and moments featured in the publications.

8 10 19 was created for the Legacy project, a collaborative brief between G.F. Smith, Studio 3015 & Winchester School of Art.

Legacy was a unique exhibition which showcased the work of BA (Hons) Graphic Arts students at Winchester School of Art alongside the prestigious archive collection of G.F. Smith.

In the exhibition Year 3 Graphic Arts students investigated the legacy of values and behaviours that have originated from unexpected visual or verbal sources.

Alongside this the G.F Smith archive showcased their own legacy of iconic printed work from renowned designers including Made Thought, SEA Design, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Saul Bass.

Dharavi is a social enterprise creating a line of travel accessories inspired by the Mumbai slum of the same name. It is the largest slum in Asia, home to approximately 1 million people living in 200 acres of space. It is also a centre for industry, with an estimated $650 million passing through its factories and workshops annually.

In Dharavi "nothing is wasted" and the Indian mentality of "Jugaad" (finding solutions in a resourceful manner) is perfectly exemplified as industry is focused on reusing and repurposing that which has been thrown away.

Dharavi products are inspired by this process and therefore are made from repurposed materials such as old saris and recycled plastic. The identity was created taking inspiration from this process with the logomark combining the lotus flower with the infinity symbol and parts of this mark being reused throughout the graphic language.

LINCHPIN is an interactive 3D poster intended to be a representation of my approach to design; attempting to include elements that will represent all four of these points.

I often work collaboratively with other practitioners and especially within the design collective Fourm Creative. Being a group with different skill sets each member has different roles. The role I seem to often take can be described as being the linchpin; A core component of a system that makes all the other parts tick.

There I created an installation where multiple pieces of a poster are hung to align when viewed central from the main focal point — the linchpin. This point is the representation of my design process as it is here that the design is finished and all the pieces are made to work together.

A magazine for the Winchester School of Art 2015 fashion and textile design graduates, showcasing their work, ideas and talent in an online editorial format.

Originally produced for print production, budget restrictions mean't the project was adapted to exist as an online representation of what would have been in the magazine. Taking a collation of editorial material into a digital context.

The online magazine was then presented at the courses degree shows and to industry via email to view the work of current graduates.

The Publisher Hub is a multi – disciplinary publishing space within the BA Graphic Arts course at Winchester School of Art. It is openly available to all students studying on the course who spread across all pathways of communication design.

It is used for a wide variety of events that are usually focused around publishing but is also a studio space available for the students to produce work within.

From considering these characteristics we narrowed down the brand personality to the following;

Playful, Collaborative, Contemporary, Functional, Customisable & Inspiring.

“Communication Design: Insights from the Creative Industries” a book by Derek Yates and Jessica Price aiming to help students & graduates to bridge the gap between education and emerging practices.

It assesses the modern design industry with direct insights from some of the country’s leading studios as it explains the cyclic process of contemporary design.

The invites were designed, produced and documented in house at the winchester studio through a multitude of different processes creating 7 different 1400gsm outcomes on GF Smith colorplan paper. Each of which represent a different strand of the design process.

Victoria is an undergraduate at Winchester School of Art studying towards her BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design specialising in Knitwear for Fashion.

Describing herself as a design driven fashion knitwear student, the identity looks to communicate this by using a strict grid which hangs content from her wordmark.

The idea was to create a minimal brand to act as a blank canvas allowing emphasis on what is most important, her work.

Callum Strachan
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